Pictures from The Makeup Show LA 2012

Yume, Jodie from Lit Cosmetics, Lauren (Queen of Blending) and meeee!

My first blog post of 2013 is going to be about… The Makeup Show of March 2012! I’ve been so horribly negligent with my blog. The past few months have been nuts! We’re still not done moving all our stuff to LA, and I actually have to move again in another month or two. Our first goal was to find a work space, which we’ve been living in for the past month just to get our stuff down to LA and start preparing for IMATS. I love the new place so much! Brick walls, huge windows, super friendly neighbors and dogs galore, amazing location within walking distance of a billion restaurants and bars. But I need a life separate from work and don’t want to live in my office. I did that for years when I was designing clothes and starting Sugarpill out of my home, and it made me mental. I remember feeling like my sweatpants were going to start fusing with my skin because I never had any reason to get dressed in the morning, and when I did leave the house I’d get really bad anxiety. So after IMATS madness is over, I get to move all my stuff again! I plan to live super close to the office though, so it shouldn’t be too bad. I hardly own anything big anyway. Just cats!

The night before The Makeup Show was open to the public, Yume and I met up with friends at the Blogger Preview Night, where we enjoyed free food and open bar. Best ever!

Lili, Elessa, Pursebuzz, me and Yume being couch potatoes. Photo stolen from Lili!


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Sugarpill at IMATS 2011 with Queen of Blending, Day Two!

After surviving the frenzy of IMATS Day 1, we were well prepared for equal amounts of chaotic fun the following day.

Michelle/Chubby Bunny, Tess, Yume, me!

Our booth babe for the day, Lauren/Queen of Blending! We staged a wife swap with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics that weekend. The day prior, we had Josh/Petrilude at our booth, while OCC had Lauren. On Sunday we traded. Doing joint custody the right way!


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I sew sometimes too. One-of-a-kind Shrinkle / Sugarpill dresses for sale!

Hello! I’m selling two supercute dresses I made exclusively for Sugarpill photoshoots. I’ve spent some time hoarding them for sentimental reasons, but decided to stop being a bitch and let someone else enjoy them. Both dresses are 100% handmade and one-of-a-kind, which means I won’t make duplicates, ever!

Click the picture to see the listing!

White Lolita Princess Pearl Dress

Turquoise Pink Leopard Ruffled Mesh Slip Dress

Thanks to Lauren WK for making it 100x hotter, always!


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Vegas, Day 2: Danielle and Joel’s Pre-Wedding Cocktail Party Madness

The night before Danielle and Joel’s wedding, her awesome Uncle Frank and Aunt Lou Anne hosted a cocktail party in the G Suite at Palms. Best party ever! Thanks to everyone whose Facebooks I stole pictures from! ♥

Joel and Danielle 4eva! Look at the perfect bone structure on these jerks. Make supermodel babies! Just kidding, don’t. Adopt kittens instead.

Me, Danielle and Adair


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Sugarpill Pink Weekend Sale!

Sugarpill Pink Weekend Sale starts NOW! Be safe, stay home, shop online, don’t die in a Walmart stampede or Toys ‘R’ Us gunfight today. Click on Irene’s pretty round face to start shopping!

Are you our friend on Facebook? Click the “Pink Weekend” tab on Sugarpill’s Facebook page for a special code to get an additional free gift!

Happy Holidays!


Me: Why is your face so big?
Irene: So it has more room to put Sugarpill on.

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7 New Reasons to Get Pretty (Hint: New Sugarpill Colors!)

Say hello to 7 new Chromalust loose eyeshadow colors from Sugarpill!

Click on Ulorin’s pretty face below to meet Birthday Girl, Darling, Magentric, Paperdoll, Stella, Tipsy, and Weekender.

Have fun!


Model: Ulorin Vex
Makeup Artist: Amelia Arsenic
Hair: Israel Hilton
Photographer: Allan Amato

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SHRINKLE Hot Pink Turquoise Polka Dot Mesh Party Dress w/ Heart Buttons

Hi! Here’s a fun dress I made just for you (yeah, you)!! It’s the same one I wore to IMATS, but I made multiples of this design so the one you get will be brand new and unworn.

I currently have a MEDIUM and LARGE listed in my Etsy shop. I made a Small too, but it’s being loaned out for a Locketship photo shoot so I don’t want to list it yet. I should be getting it back in a few weeks, so check back if that’s the size you’re after!

Necklace by Cutie Dynamite!

On a side note, I’ve missed sewing SOOOOO much! I barely have time for anything these days since Sugarpill took over my life. But I’m trying to rework my schedule so that I can do it all and keep making pretty dresses for you guys. Sleep bad, coffee good!

Have a happy weekend!


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