Vegas Road Trip with Chubby Bunny for the Magic Trade Show! Hangin’ with Iron Fist and Joyrich

Last August, Kevin, Michelle and I took a road trip to Vegas for MAGIC. Before I continue, I want to clarify that MAGIC is a FASHION industry trade show, because every time I told someone I was in town for MAGIC they’d be like “Oh cool, so you’re a magician? Show me a magic trick!” No, as much as I wish I was a magician, I am not. Kevin and I went to check out rad clothing companies to work with and support our friends Iron Fist. And Michelle was looking for manufacturers to expand her Chubby Bunny clothing line. But ultimately we were all just looking for an excuse to go to Vegas!

You wanna know what happened in Vegas?

We paid $2 for what we thought would be FOUR pictures, but they cheaped out on the last one. That’s what happened!


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My Little Pony Project Los Angeles 2012

I was originally too embarrassed to post these pictures since they are more than a year old now, but then Irene just posted hers this morning so I feel a little better haha. Always late but worth the wait!

Last year, Kevin and a bunch of our artist friends were invited to take part in Hasbro’s My Little Pony Project, a group exhibition showcasing different artists’ interpretations of My Little Pony.

The event was so huge it took place in three different galleries/shops on Melrose: Toy Art Gallery, JapanLA, and Joyrich. Here I am at crazy bonkers packed Toy Art Gallery!

Some of the adorable ponies


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New York IMATS Trip… 2012

I guess since I am going back to New York tomorrow, I should probably post my pictures from last year’s New York IMATS trip, ha! Sugarpill wasn’t exhibiting, but I like to check out all the different shows to see what’s new and say hello to friends, namely OCC! We stayed at the beautiful Night Hotel which prides itself on being super dark and gothic. It was awesome except that it’s SO DARK, we had trouble getting dressed and doing our makeup all weekend.

We were thrilled to learn that Twinkie and Amanda happened to be in town that same weekend for a craft fair.

Amanda, Sarah, Twinkie and me in the hotel bar before heading out to dinner!


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Santa Monica Pier

David and Emily were in town for The Makeup Show LA when I realized that I had no idea what David looked like without an OCC work shirt because we only ever see each other at makeup shows. We decided to fix that with a day of fun and sun at the Santa Monica Pier!

Standing on the street corner with Yume and Lauren while David and Emily drove around lost for 100 hours. A very enthusiastic lady approached Lauren and kept asking for her phone number.

Yay you made it, David! And you look thrilled.


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Pictures from The Makeup Show LA 2012

Yume, Jodie from Lit Cosmetics, Lauren (Queen of Blending) and meeee!

My first blog post of 2013 is going to be about… The Makeup Show of March 2012! I’ve been so horribly negligent with my blog. The past few months have been nuts! We’re still not done moving all our stuff to LA, and I actually have to move again in another month or two. Our first goal was to find a work space, which we’ve been living in for the past month just to get our stuff down to LA and start preparing for IMATS. I love the new place so much! Brick walls, huge windows, super friendly neighbors and dogs galore, amazing location within walking distance of a billion restaurants and bars. But I need a life separate from work and don’t want to live in my office. I did that for years when I was designing clothes and starting Sugarpill out of my home, and it made me mental. I remember feeling like my sweatpants were going to start fusing with my skin because I never had any reason to get dressed in the morning, and when I did leave the house I’d get really bad anxiety. So after IMATS madness is over, I get to move all my stuff again! I plan to live super close to the office though, so it shouldn’t be too bad. I hardly own anything big anyway. Just cats!

The night before The Makeup Show was open to the public, Yume and I met up with friends at the Blogger Preview Night, where we enjoyed free food and open bar. Best ever!

Lili, Elessa, Pursebuzz, me and Yume being couch potatoes. Photo stolen from Lili!


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Far Bar Clown Table, Ash Costello’s Birthday Party at Angels and Kings

After photoshootin’ for Amelia’s new A is for Arsenic jewelry collection (which I totally hijacked by getting everyone to wear Sugarpill so I could steal the photos), everyone met up at the super cute Far Bar in Little Tokyo for dinner and drinks.

Amelia, Mynxii and Ulorin at the clown table

My twinsie Amelia Dinmore! I don’t think we look alike at all, but I get mistaken for her almost daily so I will just TAKE THE COMPLIMENT AND RUN!! :-D Amelia Dinmore and Amelia Arsenic get mistaken for each other constantly too, but Amelia Arsenic and I rarely ever get mistaken for each other, which is funny since we should technically look alike if we both look like Dinmore, right? Hmmmm, very important questions!


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Medieval Times, Mac ‘n’ Cheese Love, Defective Geeks Party, In-N-Out Loner Table

The holidays have always been our busiest time of year – no shock there – but things got straight up insane this year! In addition to the madness we usually anticipate (Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas), we also had a few surprises thrown into the mix. One, IMATS getting switched to January instead of June, giving us 6 less months than usual to prepare our booth and launch our new products. Two, finally caving and moving to LA after strongly resisting the idea for many years. I love living in Oakland, but the weekly drives to meetings and events were eating up our lives, and I really miss my cats when we’re away from home. We decided it would make more sense to have another office in LA. Then we realized that it needed to happen immediately, since IMATS is coming up again, and yeah, transporting a whole booth from Berkeley to LA in the middle of the night is never fun! We plan to keep our warehouse in Berkeley, which Brett and Trista will manage, so I’ll still be up here a lot. Bay Area, you’ll never be rid of me!

We’re supposed to move out on December 1, but we haven’t found a new place yet since we pretty much just decided this 8 seconds ago. I should probably be packing or researching how to not be homeless, but instead I’m going to blog about a less stressful time… Medieval Times!!

Cool kids me and Val

Lumi (right before she moved to China… BOO!), Amelia, and Kevin. I am so grateful to have friends with equally bad taste in restaurants and entertainment!


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