October and November 2012 Photo Dump! My Last Months Living in Oakland (Mostly Bird Pictures)

Since I haven’t blogged in almost 2 weeks and my original goal was to “powerblog” until I caught up, I’m going to dump all of October and November 2012 pictures into one massive post.

October was a big turning point in my life because Kevin and I decided to move to L.A. to expand Sugarpill. While trying to stay afloat during our busiest sales period (Halloween! Black Friday! Christmas! AHHHHH), we were also driving back and forth from Berkeley to LA at least once or twice a week to look for places to live.

During one of our house-hunting trips, we paid our friends at Iron Fist a visit! They were in the middle of photoshootin’ their winter line. Hello, Luna and Michelle!

I love Luna! She’s good people.


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My First Date with Porcelain at Millennium and Hotel Tomo And That Night I met Dallas and Pandora in San Francisco!

Hey guess what! The one year anniversary of me and Porcelain’s super romantic first date (September 11, 2012!!) is fast approaching, and I’ve still not posted the pictures from that magical night. This sucking-at-blogging thing is just starting to get EMBARRASSING, so here ya go!

This post is SO late, we look so fucking young here.


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My Little Pony Project Los Angeles 2012

I was originally too embarrassed to post these pictures since they are more than a year old now, but then Irene just posted hers this morning so I feel a little better haha. Always late but worth the wait!

Last year, Kevin and a bunch of our artist friends were invited to take part in Hasbro’s My Little Pony Project, a group exhibition showcasing different artists’ interpretations of My Little Pony.

The event was so huge it took place in three different galleries/shops on Melrose: Toy Art Gallery, JapanLA, and Joyrich. Here I am at crazy bonkers packed Toy Art Gallery!

Some of the adorable ponies


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Dinner at the Galley in Santa Monica, Trash Can on Fire, How to Stop Wasting My Life

If there’s one thing I can’t resist, it’s a theme restaurant! I was so excited when Jessica introduced us to The Galley, a ship-themed restaurant that looks like Christmas threw up inside of it. Apparently this place opened in 1934 and is one of Santa Monica’s oldest restaurants. Pretty cool!

Susie, me and Kevin

This was our table. Amazing.


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Tess’s Going Away Dinner Party at Dosa!

Last year Tess and her man moved to New York and celebrated with a going away dinner at Dosa in San Francisco. Mmmm Indian food! Oh and these pictures are exactly one year and one day old, which is my new world record for late blogging.

Me, Kevin, Tess, Nate, Hairy, Twinkie and Jen

This bread was huuuuuuge! I wanted to take it home and use it as a pillow.


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Santa Monica Pier

David and Emily were in town for The Makeup Show LA when I realized that I had no idea what David looked like without an OCC work shirt because we only ever see each other at makeup shows. We decided to fix that with a day of fun and sun at the Santa Monica Pier!

Standing on the street corner with Yume and Lauren while David and Emily drove around lost for 100 hours. A very enthusiastic lady approached Lauren and kept asking for her phone number.

Yay you made it, David! And you look thrilled.


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Far Bar Clown Table, Ash Costello’s Birthday Party at Angels and Kings

After photoshootin’ for Amelia’s new A is for Arsenic jewelry collection (which I totally hijacked by getting everyone to wear Sugarpill so I could steal the photos), everyone met up at the super cute Far Bar in Little Tokyo for dinner and drinks.

Amelia, Mynxii and Ulorin at the clown table

My twinsie Amelia Dinmore! I don’t think we look alike at all, but I get mistaken for her almost daily so I will just TAKE THE COMPLIMENT AND RUN!! :-D Amelia Dinmore and Amelia Arsenic get mistaken for each other constantly too, but Amelia Arsenic and I rarely ever get mistaken for each other, which is funny since we should technically look alike if we both look like Dinmore, right? Hmmmm, very important questions!


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