January 2013: New Years Eve, Pre-IMATS Photo Shoots with Carissa White, Cosmo Doll and Countess Isabella

I don’t usually go out on New Years Eve because everything is overcrowded, overpriced, and it’s impossible to eat, park, or get a cab anywhere. But it was our first NYE living in L.A. and Darren had extra guest list spots for a party that sounded fun, so we figured sure, why not!

Jessica, me and Michelle!


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December 2012 Photos: Iron Fist Santa Bites Holiday Party, Angelspit at Bar Sinister, Moving Pictures!

These are the LAST of my pictures from 2012 which means I can finally start blogging about 2013 soon!

In December, Iron Fist had their holiday party at One-Eyed Gypsy, a really cute bar downtown that I’d been wanting to check out. Here I am with Michelle, who did an awesome job throwing the party, and Lauren, who did an awesome job looking pretty when she fell on the pavement and scraped up her elbow!


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Valerie and Filip Sitting in a Tree! Everything Goes Cold and The Witch Was Right at the DNA Lounge San Francisco

So this post is going to be extra cute, because these pictures were taken just days before Valerie and Filip started dating. They are still together, which is awesome because more than once I’ve taken so long to post pictures that all the couples in my photos had broken up and all the best friends had un-best friended each other. Right on, me!

Valerie was playing in our friend Eric’s band, Everything Goes Cold, who was on tour with Filip’s band, The Witch Was Right. Kevin and I came out to see them at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco.

Me, Filip and Val NOT DRUNK AT ALL (psyche!)


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My Little Pony Project Los Angeles 2012

I was originally too embarrassed to post these pictures since they are more than a year old now, but then Irene just posted hers this morning so I feel a little better haha. Always late but worth the wait!

Last year, Kevin and a bunch of our artist friends were invited to take part in Hasbro’s My Little Pony Project, a group exhibition showcasing different artists’ interpretations of My Little Pony.

The event was so huge it took place in three different galleries/shops on Melrose: Toy Art Gallery, JapanLA, and Joyrich. Here I am at crazy bonkers packed Toy Art Gallery!

Some of the adorable ponies


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Michelle’s Fancy ’20s Great Gatsby Birthday Party at the Millennium Biltmore

Watch me frantically edit pictures from Michelle’s LAST birthday because she has another one coming up this Monday! :-O Last May, Michelle celebrated the end of her 20s with a ’20s Great Gatsby-themed birthday party (Oh you clever lady!) at the beautiful Millennium Biltmore.

Jessica, Michelle and me. How freaking amazing does Michelle look?! Jessica and I are idiots and just look like we’re dressed to go clubbing or something. We do not own any elegant ladylike clothing.

And these were Michelle’s bad ass shoes. This lady seriously blows me away with her sweet ass DIY style.

Exploring the hotel with Jessica and Yume. There was a high school prom happening that night, which we were trying to spy on because we wanted to see all the pretty dresses. We weren’t able to crash the actual prom, but we did get to see a constant stream of girls coming in and out of the bathroom in their sparkly gowns and tiaras. Then we stopped spying because I realized I’m a creepy lady in my ’30s loitering around high schoolers. Someone call security!


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Natalia Fabia’s Miss Hooker Beauty Pageant at the Dragonfly and Group Show at Corey Helford

Taking a break from busy busy work to post some OLD ASS pictures!

Last year we were one of the sponsors of Natalia Fabia’s awesome Miss Hooker beauty pageant at the Dragonfly. I didn’t get any pictures of the actual pageant because I was standing in the back behind some guy’s giant head, but here are the few pics I did take!

Lumi, Natalia and me. Natalia was suuuuuper pregnant and looked amazing!

Ran into Debbi who looked super gorgeous, and got to meet Missy, one of my very first Myspace friends from seriously a decade ago! It was so crazy that we remembered each other. She is as beautiful and sweet in person as I remembered her being online!


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Girl Bike Gang at Death Guild, Fenton’s, and Amelia’s $10 Pizza Hut Dinner Box

Not gonna lie — I totally love goth clubs, despite owning hardly anything black at all. I just really like that it’s one of the few places you can go where people still dress up! When Amelia and Val came to town to DJ at Death Guild at the DNA Lounge, I was pretty excited for an excuse to go out on a Monday night.

Amelia and Val are hot girls doing stuff.

Death Guild has been around for aaaages and is currently the oldest goth club in America that is still operating. I remember going there when I was an 18-year-old college freshman. We’d party till 3am, get back to the dorms at 4am, then wake up at 6am to make it to class. Geez, I just realized that was 14 years ago, which makes me hella old! I am a total grumpypants if I don’t get 8 hours of sleep these days.

Me, Yume, Amelia, Kevin and Val


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