Far Bar Clown Table, Ash Costello’s Birthday Party at Angels and Kings

After photoshootin’ for Amelia’s new A is for Arsenic jewelry collection (which I totally hijacked by getting everyone to wear Sugarpill so I could steal the photos), everyone met up at the super cute Far Bar in Little Tokyo for dinner and drinks.

Amelia, Mynxii and Ulorin at the clown table

My twinsie Amelia Dinmore! I don’t think we look alike at all, but I get mistaken for her almost daily so I will just TAKE THE COMPLIMENT AND RUN!! :-D Amelia Dinmore and Amelia Arsenic get mistaken for each other constantly too, but Amelia Arsenic and I rarely ever get mistaken for each other, which is funny since we should technically look alike if we both look like Dinmore, right? Hmmmm, very important questions!

Kerli arrives in her sensible walking shoes

Kerli, me and Mynxii. Mynxii’s bad-ass lip color is actually a mix of Sugarpill eyeshadows! Sorry, I’m lame and don’t know which ones… me is smart.

Mynxii and Yume

Ulorin and Allan say the Far Bar is A-OK!

Amelia squared

Dinmore did everyone’s hair for the shoot. She is the rainbow hair master.


Brian and Kerli. They share clothes, which is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Cute ladies



Cuddles to stay warm!

Haha we look like a really bad girl band. I would listen to us. No I wouldn’t.


Dinmore driving the clown car

The next night, we went to Angels and Kings to celebrate Ashley’s birthday. Ash, Amelia and Michelle being cute! Photos by Michelle Star.

I copied Amelia and added some bottom lashes after I saw hers. Despite what I just said about never getting mistaken for Amelia Arsenic, someone outside the club mistook me for her and talked to me for 20 minutes before I figured out the mistake and had to make the embarrassing correction.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s better to just not say anything at all, because I always feel so bad watching a totally nice person turn bright red after realizing their mistake. But my friends tell me it would be meaner if I didn’t say anything, because they will eventually realize their mistake later and be even more embarrassed that it went on for so long (and pissed that I didn’t say anything). But most of the time I never see that person again anyway. so I doubt they would ever realize it!

Tori, Izzy and Nikki

Centipede eyes!

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Just kidding.

Sorry I’ve been such a shit at responding to comments in my last post. I have my comments set to moderation to avoid spam, but the stupid filter ended up marking everything as spam! I think I fixed it, so you don’t have to think I’m rude anymore. ^__^


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