Girl Bike Gang at Death Guild, Fenton’s, and Amelia’s $10 Pizza Hut Dinner Box

Not gonna lie — I totally love goth clubs, despite owning hardly anything black at all. I just really like that it’s one of the few places you can go where people still dress up! When Amelia and Val came to town to DJ at Death Guild at the DNA Lounge, I was pretty excited for an excuse to go out on a Monday night.

Amelia and Val are hot girls doing stuff.

Death Guild has been around for aaaages and is currently the oldest goth club in America that is still operating. I remember going there when I was an 18-year-old college freshman. We’d party till 3am, get back to the dorms at 4am, then wake up at 6am to make it to class. Geez, I just realized that was 14 years ago, which makes me hella old! I am a total grumpypants if I don’t get 8 hours of sleep these days.

Me, Yume, Amelia, Kevin and Val

Highly capable ladies

Haha Yume didn’t pack a clubbing outfit, so she borrowed stuff from my closet and called herself Shrinkle Two. To be extra creepy, she also did her makeup like Amelia’s. Unfortunately we forgot to take a triplets photo. :-(

Then Tess showed up, wearing the exact same belt as me! That was totally unplanned, which made it even more awesome and creepy.

On fire!!

Back view! Woo!

Tess, ever so graceful and ladylike, had recently chopped off her fingertip in a cooking accident. Per doctor’s orders, she was instructed to keep her finger elevated at all times. This wasn’t so noticeable on the dance floor, but when she wasn’t dancing she always looked like she was about to say “Excuse me! May I have the check please?”

Everyone’s got their party face on except for me!

I can’t remember exactly what was going on here, but it appears as though Amelia’s butt was the subject of interest.

Loading up the car

Off to Sparky’s we go!

Haha Amelia was just a little bit drunk.

Sparky’s is my favorite 24-hour diner in San Francisco. I’ve been coming here since 1998, longer than Death Guild! It’s fast, cheap, super bad for you drunk people food, and the best place for people watching after all the clubs close.

The next day was pretty chill; we hung out at the Sugarpill warehouse to catch up on work stuff. Kevin and I bought Yume and Amelia some work uniforms so they would take their jobs seriously.

Val and Kevin did not have work uniforms, so they were free to goof off in the break room upstairs. Yeah that’s our counter from IMATS, I don’t know where the drum set came from, and somewhere not pictured is Brett’s sword collection.

Val and Amelia had a meeting in San Francisco that night. Afterwards, we met up with them for dinner and drinks at Tommy’s Joynt.

Back at the house, we had three individually wrapped sample packets of makeup remover wipes. Because there were four of us, Amelia took scissors and cut up the three packets with the intention of creating equal sized pieces to divide amongst us. After unfolding our pieces, we realized the wipes had not been perfectly centered when Amelia cut them so we all ended up with useless Frankenstein pieces. Amelia got a tiny triangle. Yume got four large rectangles. And Val’s was the saddest of all – she got what looked like three spaghetti noodles. I don’t remember what I got. I probably said, “Fuck this!” and went upstairs to wash my face like a normal person.

Never give up, Val!

No visit from out-of-town friends is complete without a lunch date at Fenton’s!

I’m so embarrassed by this photo because I think it’s so rude when people play on their cell phones while dining with friends. “Put that away and enjoy the NOW!” I say. Busted!

Best journal cover ever

While in America, Amelia kept seeing a TV commercial for Pizza Hut’s $10 Dinner Box. In the commercial, a woman orders this colossal shitload of grease and carbs for only $10, then does a joyful dance. Amelia likes to make fun of American commercials, but she’s the sucker who picks up her phone and orders whatever the commercial tells her to. Who’s laughing now?! Oh and because that’s not disgusting enough, Brett added two pastas, chicken wings, and a large pizza to the order. We had cheese hangovers for DAYS.

Alright, bed time! I woke up early today to study all the state ballot measures so I could be a smart, informed voter. However, after hours of thoughtful research, I was still unable to make a final decision on some of the issues. The thought of possibly picking the wrong side and the world falling apart as a result got me super emotional, so I did what any reasonable 32-year-old would do, which is cry. I’ve never gotten this worked up over voting before! Is that normal? Haha. I think I just need some sleep. ^__^


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