I Powdered Ron Jeremy’s Face and He Smelled Like Babies

Last October, Brett was asked to direct a porn commercial starring Ron Jeremy. Kevin convinced me to come along and “help,” which pretty much entailed powdering some shiny faces and spending the next 12 hours finishing off half a cheese party platter by myself.

I’ve never seen any of Ron Jeremy’s movies or Surreal Life, so I didn’t walk in with any preconceived notions or expectations. My impression after meeting him was that he’s really funny, professional and sweet, but smelled strongly of baby powder. At the end of the shoot he hugged me goodbye, and the smell lingered on my clothes for days. I suppose there are worse things to smell like than a giant baby, so I’m not complaining. Just sayin’! And while he wasn’t a creep at all, I do remember one point during the night when he asked if “one of the ladies might offer me a hand.” Every female in the room immediately ducked behind the nearest couch/table/plant.

I survived this.

The boys are having so much fun!

Tess did this, not me! I on the other hand, am a classy woman and would never do such a thing. (Secretly hoping Tess deleted the pics of me trying to figure out how a penis pump works…)


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