Industrial Girl Bike Gang at Bar Sinister, Cafe Jack

Two of the baddest babes I know – Amelia and Val from Angelspit – teamed up to start a DJ project called Industrial Girl Bike Gang. Every time I start to think I’m getting too old to stay out past 11pm, these ladies come bursting through town and force me out of my sweatpants and granny slippers.

After dropping Val and Amelia off at Bar Sinister for setup, Yume, Michelle, Kevin and I had appetizers and drinks next door at Boardners.

Industrial Girl Bike Gang is hands down THE most fun DJ duo to watch! These chicks get all crazy with their robot dance moves.

My only complaint is that they attract way too many gross horny guys who take off their shirts and hog up all the space around the DJ booth. We wanted to dance in front to show our support but kept getting pushed into sweaty topless guys trying to catch Amelia and Val’s attention. At one point, Michelle got mad and pushed some guy back. Of course, he thought she was flirting attempted to grind up on us. :-(

Julie, Kevin and Yume. Julie got all dark and spooky for the occasion!

Beautiful Ashley

I think I missed the memo to wear all black!

Val and Amelia were so super duper awesome that they got moved to the main stage. Go Girl Bike Gang!!

Ash and friend


I just realized Bar Sin has been using this same picture border since 1998.

The next morning we had lunch at Cafe Jack, a Korean Titanic-themed restaurant built from real ship parts. The food isn’t great or anything, but WHO CARES! IT’S SHAPED LIKE A BOAT!

This was Amelia’s first time at Cafe Jack. I think she liked it.

Isn’t it cute? I’ve never been here at night, but I heard they turn on Christmas lights and it’s really pretty.

Then we went to Val’s to pick her up and take them back up north with us for Girl Bike Gang’s next show. Val wasn’t ready yet, so we waited in the car and laughed at Amelia standing on the sidewalk looking like a teenage runaway.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween weekend! What are all your plans? Kevin and I are staying in to work on work stuff. IMATS is coming up again already… AHHHHH!


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  • claire says:

    OMG! You find the best themed restaurants!

  • Lucifin says:

    omg gasp IMATS is coming up. How are you going to outdo yourself this time. :P I’m kinda wondering when these photos are from… are you anywhere near catching up in time on the blog? I’d love to hear the Industrial Girl Bike Gang in action. I imagine they sound lovely. Omg creepy guys. I went to a concert recently and I guess the management guy was trying to hit on me by giving me a special pass to the band RV. I am freaking naive so the whole time I was thinking this was some fan promotion and he had something business(?) to talk about. Turns out no, he was just plain hitting on me. Ahahaha…. That was soooo bad….

    • shrinkle says:

      These photos are from February. I’m horrible. My goal is to get IMATS 2012 pics up before IMATS 2013, but those jerks threw me off by changing the month to January. The whole world is conspiring against me and my blog!

      That is funny about the management guy! I never know when people are hitting on me either. I always just assume everyone is “being nice!”

  • Lucifin says:

    wait a minute… I just noticed boobs were projected over Val and Amelia’s heads in the second photo. WTF… that was bizarre…

    • shrinkle says:

      OH MY GOD! I totally didn’t notice the boobs at all. Reminds me of the time I posted a bunch of street fair photos and two whole days passed before someone pointed out that a man’s dick was hanging out in one of the pictures. I need new eyeballs.

  • Lucifin says:

    …. I don’t know why my name was written as shrinkle… YOU’re shrinkle… this is so embarrassing.

  • It makes me very happy that I have the same suitcase as Amelia :-D

  • caroline honey says:

    your whole ensemble for bar sinister is so kawaii<3! your friends looked cool up on stage^^
    the boat restaurant was really neat! i liked the outside too!

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