Madonna Inn – A Romantical Time with Friends in San Luis Obispo

En route to Oakland from LA, we decided to take the longer, scenic route up 101 so we could stop at the glorious Madonna Inn for dinner. Madonna Inn is, without a doubt, my absolute favorite restaurant/hotel ever.

Entrance to the restaurant. Magic awaits!

At the Madonna Inn, there’s no such thing as too much or too tacky. Everything is hot pink and gold and decked out with roses, candles and hearts. Each of its 110 guest rooms is fully decorated with a different theme that looks like it came straight out of the pages of a storybook. Some rooms look like Valentines Day threw up all over them (my favorite!), others are built to resemble caves with rock walls (for you manly men). Seriously, have yourself a Google. And unlike other “theme” places, the food and cocktails here are amazing and well worth the price. I’m talking about you, mint chocolate martini!

Heeeeey, who let all these people into my house?

Yume and Val

Entrance to adjoining coffe shop. Didn’t get any pictures of it. :-(


I wanted to sit in one of these fancy booths! Our party was too small though.

Kevin and me. I love the different colored glass goblets they serve drinks in. The Madonna Inn’s founder, Alex Madonna, personally designed them to match the hotel’s floral carpet. And I don’t know what that glowing white thing behind my head is, but my best guesses would be either a ghost or a massive cloud of dandruff.

Val is a happy camper

Amelia and Yume

Ginormous slice of chocolate cake the size of a baby’s head. I was stuffed silly, so I took the remainder (about 90% of it) to go, which I ended up accidentally dropping on the carpet by the bathroom stairs. Enter sadness and despair.

Doll swinging from ceiling

Alex and Phyllis Madonna

Yume, Amelia and Kevin enjoying some cocktail time at the bar

We watched old people dance

Then we visited the gift shop and bought our own signature Madonna Inn goblets! I think we all ended up buying 2 each because we couldn’t pick just one color. (I got pink and turquoise… obviously)

Yume and Amelia are faced with tough decisions. Life is so hard!

The cash register.

The ladies room – The bathroom of the Gods!!!

Then I snuck into the mens room to visit the world-famous waterfall urinal. Some dudes came in while I was there, so I didn’t get a picture of the urinal. Instead, I bring you this exciting photo I took of the mirrors!

And a picture of the urinal I stole off the internet. Photo by Asim Choudhri

Sneaky gumball machine hides in cave

Cave ladies Val, Amelia and Yume

Off we go to Oakland. Goodbye, Madonna Inn!

Val and I want to have our birthday party at the Madonna Inn next April. It’s so in the middle of nowhere that I’m sure no one would come, but whatever! More cake and wine for us!


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