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The holidays have always been our busiest time of year – no shock there – but things got straight up insane this year! In addition to the madness we usually anticipate (Halloween, Black Friday and Christmas), we also had a few surprises thrown into the mix. One, IMATS getting switched to January instead of June, giving us 6 less months than usual to prepare our booth and launch our new products. Two, finally caving and moving to LA after strongly resisting the idea for many years. I love living in Oakland, but the weekly drives to meetings and events were eating up our lives, and I really miss my cats when we’re away from home. We decided it would make more sense to have another office in LA. Then we realized that it needed to happen immediately, since IMATS is coming up again, and yeah, transporting a whole booth from Berkeley to LA in the middle of the night is never fun! We plan to keep our warehouse in Berkeley, which Brett and Trista will manage, so I’ll still be up here a lot. Bay Area, you’ll never be rid of me!

We’re supposed to move out on December 1, but we haven’t found a new place yet since we pretty much just decided this 8 seconds ago. I should probably be packing or researching how to not be homeless, but instead I’m going to blog about a less stressful time… Medieval Times!!

Cool kids me and Val

Lumi (right before she moved to China… BOO!), Amelia, and Kevin. I am so grateful to have friends with equally bad taste in restaurants and entertainment!

Loved this! Medieval Times employees in costume, on break. When I was 19, I worked at a sushi restaurant, and our uniform was a pink kimono. I was so accustomed to wearing it every day that I didn’t even notice it anymore. Before and after work, I would drive around town running errands in my hot pink kimono and wonder why everyone was looking at me funny. What? People don’t wear kimonos to the grocery store?

Party time! The show was really fun and full of bad accents and seizure-inducing light shows. They also made a little girl in the audience cry when they shone a spotlight on her and declared her the fairest maiden in the land.

Forget the knights – my favorite cast member is this guy who scoops the horse poo. It takes a real man to clean a litterbox!

Yume, Lumi, Amelia, me and Val hanging in the ginormous gift shop after the show. This is a blurry picture post because I had just lost my brand new camera at a Die Antwoord show a few nights prior (alcohol makes me smart), so crappy cell phone pics are all I got.

Medieval hand dryer

We ordered some drinks and headed over to the “Knight Club.” Yume swore that last time she was here, the Knight Club was swarming with hotties in armor. So we waited and waited and waited…

And waited…

Not one knight showed up! I want a refund!

Afterwards, we went to Walmart so Amelia could load up her suitcase with boxes of Kraft mac ‘n’ cheese to impress her boyfriend and roommates back home in England. Look at her, she’s like a little kid in a candy store! Haha English people love mac ‘n’ cheese and Taco Bell. Yes, I just made a generalization about an entire country.

This is serious business.

An older woman noticed us laughing and taking pictures of Amelia. She approached me and whispered in total seriousness, “Are you kids taking her picture for the ‘People of Walmart’ site? That’s not nice!”

Beer and boxed pasta mission accomplished! I love this random lady in line cheering us on.

Then we headed over to Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach for the Defective Geeks 5 year anniversary party. Hello Chrissa, Yume, Kevin, Amelia, and Alcuin!

Jenny Rae was there with her famous cake balls!

I bought a whole damn box

Chrissa got some yums too!

We got hungry again and decided to go for another round of dinner at In-N-Out.

Our table was one seat short, so Amelia got banished to the loner table!

I don’t think she minded.

Alright guys, I’m going to be super sales-y and end this post with a reminder that I’m moving in less than two weeks and have SO MUCH STUFF to get rid of!

I’m having a storewide sale on my Etsy shop of vintage horrors. Use the code PARTYTIME for 20% off your entire purchase!

I’ve also listed the very last of my Kryolan stash and other eyelash stuff on eBay for super dirt cheap – like, pocket change cheap. Here’s the link to that!


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  • Mai (@maimaimaiii) says:

    Oh that’s so exciting that you’re moving to LA!

    • shrinkle says:

      Oh shoot! Sorry for the slow reply, this comment went into spam for some reason. Boo!

      Yes, after all these years of whining about how hot and sweaty and trafficky LA is, I am coming to join you down south! Let’s see how long I last driving like an Asian granny.

  • Liz says:

    No way, you’re moving to LA??

    Not that it makes a huge difference to ME, I’m still in little ol’ Central CA..

  • Tea (@liltea) says:

    Eee, now I can’t stalk you when I visit friends back home! B-)

    Also, I hate using hand dryers that aren’t an Xlerator or a Dyson one. They feel so wimpy in comparison.

  • ALICIA says:

    oh does that mean you will go to disneyland with me next time i head down there?

  • Ah fully jealous you went to Medieval Times, i really wanted to go when we were in town but we didn’t have time. And the pirate one too! Nothing makes me hungrier than salty pirates swinging from the rafters :D :D

  • Sakura says:

    wow is great to see how Sugarpill has grown up so much! I remember the first post in your blog months before the launch! and now you’re opening a second office!! Your cats will be super happy! Btw I love the limited ed. @$#% (I think I’m missing a symbol haha…)and the Pill kitty keychain! I touched it after swatching the eyeshadow and the cat’s face got pink! I managed to clean it successfully XD
    Can’t wait for the new releases! <3

    • shrinkle says:

      Thanks, pretty girl! I can’t believe you remember that post… it feels like ages ago!

      I’m so happy you like the @#$%! And don’t worry, I always forget the order of the symbols too. The only way I can remember it is if I’m on a regular keyboard and the symbols are listed in order! ^__^

      • Sakura says:

        Ohh the other day I realized exactly that!! the only one that is not in order is “!” but I remember its the last one of the name hahaha
        I just got a silly funny idea lol, since cats love to jump on the keyboard and “type”, maybe PillKitty wants to name an eyeshadow someday :D

        • shrinkle says:

          Haha judging from past experience, the eyeshadow would probably be named ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]][[[[

          • Sakura says:

            hahahaha yes 2222222222222222 XD
            What I really wonder is how on earth they type an specific key combination like crtl + something and deactivate/activate things I didn’t knew they exist!
            I love cats so much <3

  • Teiva says:

    Oh no! Lumi moved to China?? It was great seeing her again in your photos. I used to talk to her frequently on LJ and I really miss her. XOXO

    Congrats on your move and your Sugarpill success. You are amazing!

    • shrinkle says:

      HEEEEEY, TEIVA! I haven’t talked to you in SOOOO long! How the hell are you!? Geez, it’s been literally years. So nice to hear from you! Gosh, we are all LJ dinosaurs. You and Lumi were among my first 5 LJ friends. I am pretty sure she is moving back to LA someday, or maybe I’m just wishful thinking. :-( She likes to disappear from the internet, which makes it hard to stalk her in China!

      Are you still making cute jewelry? Just looked up your Etsy shop and it’s empty. Hope you and the family are well!

  • Soybaby (@soybaby) says:

    No way LA?!? we’ll miss you guys up here

  • kimmi says:

    girl plz, you are moving there to be closer to Disneyland and their endless tasty treats. THEY HAVE TURKEY LEG SCENTED CAR AIR FRESHENERS!

  • Amy! Excited about your move to LA. Looking forward to hanging out once you get out here.

    • shrinkle says:

      I’m excited but kinda freaking out! I’ve lived up here my whole life and seriously love Bay Area weather, people, and mellowness. Don’t know how I could ever get used to the heat, traffic, and crazy people in LA. It would be nice to have a fellow Bay Area friend down south! Let’s make a date to grab lunch/dinner/drinks/all of the above. How do you like living down there? What made you decide to move?

      • I tried sending you a text, same number? I agree that it’s quite a change from the Bay, but not everyone is crazy out here, hehe. I’m so down to meet up and be your displaced Bay Area buddy!

        I moved out here to be closer to the entertainment industry as I was focused on writing. My focus has shifted lately more towards my photography and that also keeps me out here. More opportunity out here than the Bay, unfortunately.

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