Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Collection with Amelia Arsenic is HEEEEEEEEERE!

Sugarpill Cosmetics presents Cold Chemistry, a luxury eyeshadow collection created in collaboration with Amelia Arsenic, designer of cult fashion and art brand A is for Arsenic London.

This dark collision of glamour and nocturnal worlds features four richly pigmented, shimmering meteoric shades which blend seamlessly together. The collection combines Amelia’s dark aesthetic with Sugarpill’s trademark velvety smooth eyeshadow formula.

Available in a sleek new palette design with mirror ($34) and in individual compacts ($12)

Soot & Stars: Metallic gunmetal with prismatic sparkle
Diamond Eyes: Satin white with crystalline sheen. An excellent brow highlight color!
Elemental Chaos: Deep grape shimmer with iridescent blue undertones
Subterranean: Lustrous peacock green with navy blue undertones

Cold Chemistry launches Saturday, August 17 at and select online boutiques.

SO EXCITEDDDDDDDD!! This like, totally didn’t take forever at all.


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Vegas Road Trip with Chubby Bunny for the Magic Trade Show! Hangin’ with Iron Fist and Joyrich

Last August, Kevin, Michelle and I took a road trip to Vegas for MAGIC. Before I continue, I want to clarify that MAGIC is a FASHION industry trade show, because every time I told someone I was in town for MAGIC they’d be like “Oh cool, so you’re a magician? Show me a magic trick!” No, as much as I wish I was a magician, I am not. Kevin and I went to check out rad clothing companies to work with and support our friends Iron Fist. And Michelle was looking for manufacturers to expand her Chubby Bunny clothing line. But ultimately we were all just looking for an excuse to go to Vegas!

You wanna know what happened in Vegas?

We paid $2 for what we thought would be FOUR pictures, but they cheaped out on the last one. That’s what happened!


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Come Play With Sugarpill at PHAMExpo Pasadena, June 29 & 30!

Who’s all going to PHAMExpo Pasadena?!?! Come get silly with us at Sugarpill booth 607! We’ll be selling our products at a 30% discount and have soooo many special surprises in store for you. Party time!


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Sugarpill IMATS LA Pasadena 2012 Pictures! That time I met Porcelain.

So I’ve been going through my iPhoto all week looking for IMATS pics to make a flyer for upcoming PHAMExpo. Then I thought hey, I should post these pictures! Irene has been hassling me because this will be her first time working a makeup show, and she wants to see what it’s all about. So here you go, Irene!

2012 was Sugarpill’s second year exhibiting at IMATS, and we were forced to upgrade to a double wide booth because our neighbors from the previous year had complained that we “caused a spectacle” when our crowd spilled out into the aisle. Hey, man! We’re just trying to share the fun with everyone!

Michelle, Lauren, Mynxii, Yume and me on Pro Night (the Friday before IMATS is open to the public… the calm before the storm!)

Gangsta! I love Lauren in the background laughing like a maniac. You can’t really see that there’s a person standing behind Michelle, so it looks like Lauren is laughing to herself.


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My Little Pony Project Los Angeles 2012

I was originally too embarrassed to post these pictures since they are more than a year old now, but then Irene just posted hers this morning so I feel a little better haha. Always late but worth the wait!

Last year, Kevin and a bunch of our artist friends were invited to take part in Hasbro’s My Little Pony Project, a group exhibition showcasing different artists’ interpretations of My Little Pony.

The event was so huge it took place in three different galleries/shops on Melrose: Toy Art Gallery, JapanLA, and Joyrich. Here I am at crazy bonkers packed Toy Art Gallery!

Some of the adorable ponies


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Michelle’s Fancy ’20s Great Gatsby Birthday Party at the Millennium Biltmore

Watch me frantically edit pictures from Michelle’s LAST birthday because she has another one coming up this Monday! :-O Last May, Michelle celebrated the end of her 20s with a ’20s Great Gatsby-themed birthday party (Oh you clever lady!) at the beautiful Millennium Biltmore.

Jessica, Michelle and me. How freaking amazing does Michelle look?! Jessica and I are idiots and just look like we’re dressed to go clubbing or something. We do not own any elegant ladylike clothing.

And these were Michelle’s bad ass shoes. This lady seriously blows me away with her sweet ass DIY style.

Exploring the hotel with Jessica and Yume. There was a high school prom happening that night, which we were trying to spy on because we wanted to see all the pretty dresses. We weren’t able to crash the actual prom, but we did get to see a constant stream of girls coming in and out of the bathroom in their sparkly gowns and tiaras. Then we stopped spying because I realized I’m a creepy lady in my ’30s loitering around high schoolers. Someone call security!


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Dinner at the Galley in Santa Monica, Trash Can on Fire, How to Stop Wasting My Life

If there’s one thing I can’t resist, it’s a theme restaurant! I was so excited when Jessica introduced us to The Galley, a ship-themed restaurant that looks like Christmas threw up inside of it. Apparently this place opened in 1934 and is one of Santa Monica’s oldest restaurants. Pretty cool!

Susie, me and Kevin

This was our table. Amazing.


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