Pictures from The Makeup Show LA 2012

Yume, Jodie from Lit Cosmetics, Lauren (Queen of Blending) and meeee!

My first blog post of 2013 is going to be about… The Makeup Show of March 2012! I’ve been so horribly negligent with my blog. The past few months have been nuts! We’re still not done moving all our stuff to LA, and I actually have to move again in another month or two. Our first goal was to find a work space, which we’ve been living in for the past month just to get our stuff down to LA and start preparing for IMATS. I love the new place so much! Brick walls, huge windows, super friendly neighbors and dogs galore, amazing location within walking distance of a billion restaurants and bars. But I need a life separate from work and don’t want to live in my office. I did that for years when I was designing clothes and starting Sugarpill out of my home, and it made me mental. I remember feeling like my sweatpants were going to start fusing with my skin because I never had any reason to get dressed in the morning, and when I did leave the house I’d get really bad anxiety. So after IMATS madness is over, I get to move all my stuff again! I plan to live super close to the office though, so it shouldn’t be too bad. I hardly own anything big anyway. Just cats!

The night before The Makeup Show was open to the public, Yume and I met up with friends at the Blogger Preview Night, where we enjoyed free food and open bar. Best ever!

Lili, Elessa, Pursebuzz, me and Yume being couch potatoes. Photo stolen from Lili!

A lady came up to interview us about style. I got nervous and bailed to take pictures from afar haha

Makeup people talking about makeup people things

The gift bags were seriously GINORMOUS and generously stuffed to the brim with all kinds of good stuff! The size and weight of these guys were a running joke all night because hardly anyone could walk or hold their food and drinks properly. Not that I’m complaining, of course! ;-)

Can’t lift arm! Bag too huge!

It got to the point where everyone was dragging their bags on the floor because they were too heavy to wear anymore.

Queen of Blending modeling school

Enkore showed up with this cutie redhead on his arm. We don’t know who she was, but we were so enamored by her gorgeous hair that we stalked her!

Sharon Gault and her pillkitty!

Hi Enkore!

Look! It’s the pretty red-haired girl!

This lady is 60 years old and kicking ass. We saw her again the next day and she was like “So where’s the afterparty, ladies?” So awesome. Camera flash washed it out, but she was wearing super bright eyeshadow! I want to be the Asian version of her when I grow up.

Time to go home and get some beauty rest before tomorrow!

Haha Yume shooing away her kitties so we can properly assess the contents of our gift bags!

The Makeup Show, Day 1: Saturday! I don’t think I’ll do my makeup like this again. I look like I have tarantulas crawling out of my eyes.

Got to meet the lovely Mai!

Kaytea and Yume

OCC is always one of our favorite booths! Check out all these yummy lip tars. Mmm mmm! Photo by Mai

David taking care of business! Photo by Mai

Lauren aka OCC’s star employee

Our other favorite booth to visit at makeup shows is always Lit! Such an amazing assortment of cosmetic grade glitters. If you guys haven’t tried their famous liquid glitter adhesive yet, DO IT!

Look at these NERDS!

Elessa didn’t find out until the night before that she had a booth (It was originally Crown’s space, but they handed it over to her). She only had a few hours to buy supplies to make her booth (this is something that usually takes weeks, if not months), and the only store open was WalMart. We are so proud of her! She was selling tons of cute accessories from her shop Elessa Jade and her booth was always packed. Photo by Mai

This was part of the line for Makeup Forever. Glad I didn’t need anything! Photo by Mai

Beautiful Lauren

Scotch taped onto the schedule because you’re special!

We found a secret empty room to rest our feet and watch Lauren get interviewed.

Enkore stopped by to say hello. He painted this entire 3D image on his model! It looks kind of weird here, but was crazy amazing with 3D glasses!

Our awesome new friend from the preview night! She is stylin’.

And then the most horrifying thing happened. As Yume and I were making our way back onto the exhibit floor, we were stopped by a photographer from Smashbox who insisted on taking our head shots. Yume is a great model, so needless to say her solo headshots came out really cute.

See, look how cute Yume is by herself!

But then they added me to the shots, and THIS PILE OF AWKWARD DOUBLE CHIN ACTION HAPPENED. I pretty much ruined ALL the pictures. We were given CDs of the images to “use freely and post anywhere.” I used mine freely by hiding it in the darkest bottom drawer of my filing cabinet underneath my scratch paper collection.

Earlier that day we bumped into Mr. Inglot, who told us to meet him behind the Inglot booth at 6pm for wine. You better believe this photo was taken at 5:59pm! I love Mr. Inglot. He is so nice and always remembers us despite the hundreds of people he meets at these things. He doesn’t know my name though, because he introduced me to his staff as, “This is uh… Little Friend.” That’s okay, I’ll take it!

Where there is a Mr. Inglot, there is a Lauren!

Marcie, blurry Suzy, and Lauren. Lauren once told me that her daughter no longer accompanies her to makeup shows because she’s embarrassing. WHY WHATEVER DO YOU MEAN???

Oscar from Inglot! He’s so sweet.

Val and David having a suspicious amount of fun. Why are you guys giggling so much, huh huh huh?

David gave us all the entire OCC vegan brush set. And a Chlorophyll lip tar, which Yume used to paint her entire face green for a Hulk look

Pretty Elessa!

Giant group shot with Sharon Gault’s kids

This was my makeup for the second day, no more tarantula eyes!

We went out to dinner in Little Tokyo after the show and made fun of Lauren for not taking off her badges. Might need those to get into the restaurant, Lauren!

Then we ate too much and my clothes didn’t fit anymore. At least it wasn’t as bad as the time the elastic on my underwear LITERALLY snapped in half as I was leaving Fenton’s after devouring a burger, fries, and brownie fudge sundae! :-(

The following week, we found out that OK! magazine published a photo of us in their write-up about The Makeup Show. We weren’t aware that subscribers get new issues a few days before the newsstands, so Lauren dropped everything and ran to the store in her pajamas, in the pouring rain. She grabbed 10 copies, brought them to the register, and when the cashier asked why she was buying so many, proudly declared that she was on page __. She opened the magazine to show the cashier the page… which ended up being an article about cats. Good job, Lauren!

I’m going to be slammed for the next week and a half preparing for IMATS and doing THREE photo shoots, so I apologize in advance if I don’t respond to comments, texts or emails as quickly as I’d like to. But I hope you guys stop by our booth to say hello! We’re to the right of the entrance by OCC and Inglot, so it’s going to be a triangle of AWESOME!



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