Saddle Ranch Yums and Good Pigeon Times

We drive past the Saddle Ranch a lot when we’re in L.A., and I’ve always wanted to eat there. Finally, we went for brunch when Amelia was in town!

What’s not to love about this place?! Creepy mannequins of saloon girls on the balcony and a dude on a horse bursting through the wall.

Not to mention, the world’s most intense and dedicated host. He stared me down and did not waver as I stood just 2 feet away from him snapping pictures. Then he flew into the restaurant after us and sat next to me throughout our entire meal.

So attentive! This guy deserves a raise.

Amelia and Yume

He also hung out with the ladies at the table next to us, but only for a bit because he liked me best.

Then he left for a moment and came back with a friend. By now I think everyone had finished eating and I hadn’t yet touched my food because I was so busy taking pictures of pigeons.

After we finished eating, our waiter surprised us with a complimentary Jolly Rancher flavored cotton candy. He told us it was on the house because we were so pretty and had nice hair. We believed him until we looked around and noticed that every single table in the restaurant had received the same. Heeeeey!! I will assume that his compliment was sincere and that it just so happened everyone in the restaurant was really pretty and had nice hair that day.

We were too full to eat it, so we mostly just played with it.

And stuck our hands in it.

It wasn’t long before we had the genius idea to pour beer into the cotton candy and stir it to make our own shit nasty cocktail.

After leaving the restaurant, we drove past the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where people were leaving flowers and candles in memory of Whitney Houston.

We went to our favorite prop house to search for random oddities and possible photo shoot props.

Last time we were here, I scored this epic huge ice cream cone which now hangs in my office!

Didn’t really find anything useful this time around, but it’s always fun to look.

Until next time!


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