Santa Monica Pier

David and Emily were in town for The Makeup Show LA when I realized that I had no idea what David looked like without an OCC work shirt because we only ever see each other at makeup shows. We decided to fix that with a day of fun and sun at the Santa Monica Pier!

Standing on the street corner with Yume and Lauren while David and Emily drove around lost for 100 hours. A very enthusiastic lady approached Lauren and kept asking for her phone number.

Yay you made it, David! And you look thrilled.

Magical Emily radiates sunlight

David got busy taking touristy pictures straight away

Cirque was in town

Emily, Yume and Lauren

We made David pose next to all the tourist traps.

He made us all fit into this car.

Heehee cute and tiny Queen of Blending, you just want to put her in your pocket

Lauren is crazy.

Amongst friends in the beauty of nature, I found the confidence to live out my life-long dream of being a model.

Favorite picture of Lauren. Someone’s happy!

Sexy stretching contest. We both lost.


Somebody alert the authorities!

In line for the world’s nonscariest roller coaster ever. Which Lauren managed to scream so loudly through that the ride operator asked Yume, “She’s joking, right?”

Nerds on a ferris wheel at sunset

We all remarked afterward that none of us got to enjoy the ferris wheel because we were too busy trying to take pictures. Stupid phones and Instagram and everything else that is ruining our lives!

We did get some cool pictures though. Although I bet this all looked way better in real life without a phone in front of my face.

We watched the sun set over the ocean, and Lauren laughed hysterically through the entire thing.

Then it started to get reallly cooooold so we went home!

Too tired to write a real life update. IMATS madness has ended and we’re finally settling into our new place, so we’re going to spend the next few months playing catchup and getting our lives and business in order. So many exciting and positive changes happening this year!


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