Sugarpill Cosmetics: Sneak Peek!

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Photographer: Kevin Marburg
Hair & Makeup: Ann Ho of Chromesick Makeup Artistry
Dress: I made it!
Model: Lauren WK

Hi, guess what! For the past four years, I have been working on a top-secret project: Sugarpill Cosmetics! Between running the Shrinkle clothing line–which I’ll continue to do–and living my life, this took a lot longer than I’d anticipated. I didn’t want to go the fast and cheap route by just repackaging the same generic loose pigments that everyone else is selling. I take considerable pride in my work and refuse to settle for anything less than awesome! So, I went about creating a custom line of vibrant, richly-pigmented, velvety-smooth, pressed eye shadows. My goal is to offer you something bold, unique, and brand new–Even if it takes 4 years, ha!

Surprisingly, one of the most difficult tasks was finding the perfect model for the launch of my company. I had a very specific image in mind: petite, angel-faced, platinum-blonde, porcelain-skinned cutie that you just wanna put in your pocket and take home with you! I spent a year scouring the earth (okay, the internet) for this imaginary doll. Then one day I found Lauren WK living right here in San Francisco. I asked her to be my girl, she said yes, and then my life was complete!

I am thrilled beyond words with the way everything turned out. All the hard work and crazy sleepless nights eating buckets of ice cream to stay awake were so worth it! The end result is a product I can truly be proud of. There are still some details I need to work out before the website goes live in a few months, but I am ecstatic and can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working sooo hard on.

I’ll be posting some behind-the-scenes pics from our shoot this weekend!



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