Sugarpill Pink Weekend Sale!

Sugarpill Pink Weekend Sale starts NOW! Be safe, stay home, shop online, don’t die in a Walmart stampede or Toys ‘R’ Us gunfight today. Click on Irene’s pretty round face to start shopping!

Are you our friend on Facebook? Click the “Pink Weekend” tab on Sugarpill’s Facebook page for a special code to get an additional free gift!

Happy Holidays!


Me: Why is your face so big?
Irene: So it has more room to put Sugarpill on.


  • Pretty non-worryface Irene!

  • Sherida says:

    Okay this pulled me over the edge: I’ve been lemming your stuff for months now, throwing stuff in my cart every now and then, looking at my empty wallet, sighing and then it always end with me clicking that nasty red X in the top right corner of my browser. BUT NOT ANYMORE, just bought all my hearts desires!! Too bad Asylum was sold out but I think me and Love + will also become great friends

  • Already bought all the eyeshadows that were in my wishlist!!! 6 itens total!!! Now I have to wait for the new pressed eyeshadows to spend some more!!!

    And Irene is Amy’s twin!!! You’re both soooo cute!

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  • Oo..what a great sale! Irene has a pretty face!

  • Kari says:

    wait. Fernanda you said new pressed eyeshadows like you knew something we don’t know. Are there going to be new ones soon? I swear I spend 1/2 my week reloading the sugarpill page to see if anything new has arrived!

    Amy – I’m such an addict that even though I have all of your shadows, I’m still thinking about getting the quads. Lumi is the only thing I don’t have so I guess I’ll have to go over there and get it. Don’t see where to put the code, though. Am I just blind?


    P.S. Black friday has NEVER appealed to me. On line shopping all the way for this girl. No crowds, no parking, no drama – and I can stay in my pjs while I do it!

    • shrinkle says:

      Hey babycakes! We’ve been working on new pressed eyeshadows for the past 6 months. We’re hoping to have them ready by early 2011! They take a lot longer to get made than loose shadows. :-)

      I HATE BLACK FRIDAY TOO! I think I tagged along with my cousin once, when I was 10. It was such a nightmare, I have never left the house on Black Friday ever since!

      You can enter the code in step 2 of the checkout process. Here’s a screen cap of what it should look like:


    • Amy replied =)

      She told on twitter once that there would be new eyeshadows, she even gave a sneak peak sample for some famous make up artists on IMATS – LA (a nice coral shade)=)))

    • Amy replied =)

      She told on twitter once that there would be new eyeshadows, she even gave a sneak peak sample for some famous make up artists on IMATS – LA (a nice coral shade)=)))

  • Zankai says:

    I ordered everything I didn’t have yet, which was a lot, hee ^^ But 4 loose powders were sold out ;(

    I dropped my Asylum jar yesterday, I felt so bad :(

  • Lucifin says:

    omg! First off, I think this is the first time I’ve seen eye make up on an asian girl that looks good. Seems like we drive most make up artists mad because we’re missing the crease. I can’t remember how many times I’ve seen make up done on an asian person, and the make up makes the person look really sleepy… you should probably tell Irene we’re all going to stalk her because she’s so pertty (yes, pertty not pretty.. that’s how we say it in Texas ya see). Just fyi in case you haven’t noticed, Betsey Johnson is doing a 40% off everything promotion in store/online…I know you like the style :)

  • Sakura says:

    I love this picture of Irene! I think is my fave Sugarpill promo picture!! I love everything in it! <3
    awww Amy, I want new colours!!!
    I'm thinking to get the 3 lose eyeshadows left to complete all the sugarpill collections, but I'll wait for new items "thanks" to the fantastic Post Office service we have here ¬¬
    You know they organized wrong (again) two of my packages? Thanks God I asked for registered too and they could confirm it was here.
    but /cry I will miss one of those cute blue stickers /cry cry

  • Kari says:

    Thanks for the reply Ms Amy – and thanks too for not saying that I was blind. Because I had to be to miss that big huge box that said “ENTER SPECIAL PROMOTION CODE HERE!!!!” Sucks getting old. Sucks even more having A.D.D. So yeah – I basically got the palettes in hopes of putting them into a Big Huge Palette and keeping the other singles in their cute little cases unharmed. Can we say “addict”? Knew you could.

    Super coolies about new eyeshadows. Glad I have some time to save up money so I can shop. Coral shade sounds ridiculous. But at this point, anything you make I’m likely to get because the idea of having a collection of great make up by an up and coming make up star makes me just a bit creepy-like.

    Thanks Fernanda for your reply as well. Reading over my comment I sounded so combative – so I’m glad you didn’t get all gangstah internet on me! ;) I wish I would have been able to make it to IMATS – but I’m a closet make up collector and crowds of make up lovers, internet gurus, and tables of make up would have surely sent me over the edge! Maybe next time…

  • Nicolette (@PinkWTF) says:

    Poo. Here I go spending my money on a new brush set and then you have a sale…:P

    Looks like just one loose eyeshadow for me. XD

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  • shantavia says:

    so Amy when do you think you will have asylum back in stock

  • Sakura says:

    is it possible I wrote a comment yesterday and I didn’t click the submit button?!!? arrhg lol
    Anyway, I was saying that Irene pic is my fave Sugarpill promo pic!! amazing. And I’m so happy I have received it in the newsletter hehe.
    Alsooo I’ve seen the new primer….I can’t wait to use it!
    I was thinking to order this weekend, but with the crap post office service I have here (yes still having problems) I think I will wait til more products release cause I only miss 3 chromalust. But I want a teal sugarpill sticker /cry /cry crap post office

  • Val says:

    I got 4 loose eyeshadows yesterday. Can’t wait to try them out. But I guess my all time favorite is still Magpie <3

    Do you have many people ordering from Germany? Just being curious =D

    • Also ich bestelle fast jeden Monat, habe jetzt auch schon alles bis auf 6 lose Pigmente zusammen und hm ja… ansonsten kenne ich auch keine weiteren deutschen Blogger.

      • Val says:

        Ich habe mittlerweile auch fast alles zusammen und liebe dieses Make-Up einfach. Aber so richtig bekannt scheint Sugarpill in Deutschland noch nicht zu sein.

        • Ach generell in Europa nicht. Ich hab’ für kurze Zeit mit Amy zusammengearbeitet, um es in Asien und Europa bekannter zu machen und hätte auch ‘nen Deal mit Douglas, aber sie hat erstmal andere Pläne. Freu’ mich jetzt schon wahnsinnig auf den Primer!

  • Guess I only need 6 more loose eyeshadows and my Sugarpill collection is complete :D Hahaha yeah!!

  • sarah says:

    Hey Amy, just wanted to say that I got my package today and I LOVE the eyeshadow I got! Thank you so much for getting it out to me quickly!

    I wish I’d been able to get more, but I definitely will in the future! Can’t wait to see the new stuff, maybe I’ll be able to afford it by then!


  • So here I am like Sugarpills?! I’ve heard that somewhere…Why does this girl looks so familiar.

    Then it hit me! I had you as a friend on modelmayhem, myspace, and I use to visit your blog a lot! YAY! I remembered the last blog I read from you when you were in tokyo and one of the girls shoe broke and you had to tape the shoe to her foot! LOL

    I am definitely adding your link on my blog, since I’m still working out the kinks. Glad to see you are doing well Shrinkle!

  • Irene – Good Philosophy!

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