Westpack and Downtown Disney Adventures with Pursebuzz, Federal Bar

Last February, Elessa, Kevin and I pretended to be grownups and drove to Anaheim for Westpack, a super nerdy trade show showcasing “the best supplies and innovations in packaging.” We watched live demos of how packaging components are created and filled – it was pretty cool! I felt like we were on an episode of How It’s Made, but 1,000x better because we got to pose next to all the big machines and ask stupid questions like “Does this come in pink?” Elessa and I were the only girls there, so everyone was really nice to us and gave us free candy.

Look at this thingie! It does things.

Sexy hair blowing machine. To all business women who wish to be taken seriously, Elessa and I sincerely apologize for screwing it up.

Napping station! We got to see how these air pillows are made.

Totally random and out of place

But sure, I’ll apply to be an acrobat. PS. I don’t know what the heck is wrong with my face in this picture, but you can thank Elessa for her fine photography skills

After the convention, we went across the street to have dinner at Downtown Disney.

Creepy chef is mean to alligators. :-(

Then we walked around and browsed some shops. Albino Mickey!

We spent most of our time at the confectionery shop. SERIOUSLY LOOOOOOOOK AT ALL OF THIS

Elessa is having a panic attack trying to decide what she wants

We ended up getting these! They don’t look that big in the photo, but trust… we got super sick trying to finish them and kept trying to pawn our cookies off on each other.

You can see more pics on Elessa’s blog!

Still complaining about how full we were, Kevin and I did what any reasonable person would do – we met up with friends for a second dinner. Jason/Stuntkid was in town, so we went to the Federal Bar for some eating and drinking.

Kevin is confused by fancy cheese

Haha, his idea

Loving Xanthia’s boobs!

BEST! We have no idea who these two black guys are. They just happened to be walking past, and we grabbed them and forced them to be in the photo. This is our secret to appearing popular – pose with complete strangers!

The next morning, we had lunch at the delicious Ford’s Filling Station in Culver City. SO GOOD!

Yume and Michelle. Michelle is being shy even though she’s one of the cutest people without makeup ever.

Then we went to Ross, where I found ALL THESE TUTUS on clearance for $3-7 each! They are “Size: Preschool,” but for $3 apiece I will make this work.

That’s all for now. I have to get back to work… on a Saturday night. Wee! Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!


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  • Lucifin says:

    I really should go enjoy the disney theme parks. Sadly all the rides make me feel quizzy and the lines are super long… which doesn’t leave me much to do. I think I went to disney land once… well twice but I was a baby… that doesn’t count. Glad you had fun.

    Let us know what those tutus turn into! :)

    • shrinkle says:

      They have Fast Passes now, you should go! You schedule your rides at the beginning of the day and go at the time specified on your ticket. I don’t know why they didn’t invent that sooner! I remember family trips to Disneyland used to be 99% just waiting in line, and you’d maybe go on 4-5 rides in a whole day haha.

  • mandy says:

    Remy wants that tutu!

  • Lunie says:

    Those Disney Cookies look so delicious! I love your hair too =)

  • Heh, I have that giant kitty necklace. Where is your rainbow polka dot dress from?!?! Love!!

    I would love to go to a freakin’ packaging trade show!

    ^^ So jealous!

    • shrinkle says:

      It’s a kids nightgown from Target! Their little girls section is seriously where all of the best clothes are. Always comfy, colorful and cheap! I think this dress was only $10. :-O

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